Sex, Drugs and Comic Books

by Rise of Saturn

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released May 20, 2011

composed and performed by rise of saturn
recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Connelly at zen recording
album artwork by David Day
special thanks to Kevin O’ Dunn

very special thanks to the people that made this album a reality: Fred & Maureen Perry, Paul & Darlene Liparoto, Summer, Heather Nyman, Michael Ann Harvey, Ryan Smith, Barney Cohen, Gonzalo Pena, Peggy Knott, Pamela Gilmore, Kelly Ricard, Michael Manganaro, Dominick Wojewnik, Oriane Wilkerson, David The Day, Clare Deming, Steven C. Fox, Rachel Tipton, Marie Mize, Kevin Harvey, Denise O'Dunn, Jamilee, Diana Cano, SarahD, Mary, Cathie Hernandez, Bethany, Alexander Calderon, Carly Craig, Kristin Matthews, Amy Skaggs, Todd Fulmino, Adam Harvey, Brian Merrill, Phil Cameron, Dana Woodhead, Laura Keane, Joran Oppelt, Ryan Nevel, Katie Brennan, Ripper P, Amber Harris, Andrea Schlitt,, Suzanne Grebe, Tim Allen, Leslie Mahoney, Sandy Hawkins White, Chris Bartkus, Bryan Childs, Melanie Nyman, Sarah Enright, Elizabeth Lee, Jeff & Dale Ocasio, Daniel Guenechea, William David Richards, Melody, Lauren Marcoux, Margie Rowland, John J, Carol Logan, Dallas Page, J.B. Haviland, Michelle, Casey Ellis, Cythera Wilkerson, Shannon Armstrong, Ryan Jacke, Jason Gass, Seth Hirsch, Mike Hendricks, Christopher Bennett, Karl Freske, Michael Branconnier, Santiago, Brandon Frank, Patrick Hayes, Bobby Morelli, Rebecca Brachmann, Jennifer Gedeon-Rosas, Eric Damon Walters and Kim Hagler. Without our 89 backers, this album would not exist. Thank you from the bottom of our perverted hearts.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Rise of Saturn Tampa, Florida

Rise of Saturn is a premium blend of hip hop, funk, progressive rock and reggae. 5-piece with 2 drummers, a trumpetist/lead singer and lots of sexiness.

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Track Name: Pantomime (featuring JPG)
I’m at the end of the world and i stare into the abyss
look back wipe a tear from my eye and reminisce
about the times that i had
could have been better.
maybe have my now write my then a thank you letter
cause i think about my daughter how she’ll never know her dad
i gaze upon my shoes and see the pair my father had
should i be mad maybe sad nah i should be glad
if i was in her life it be worse then the one she had
cheating on my wife was my new nine to five
gave the clap so many times applause fills my mind
I’m a king on his throne in reality i’m a drone
if home is where the heart is than i truly am alone
you want to know a man walk a mile in his shoes
don’t be so quick to pass judgement on the path that he choose
this is my story and the author is you
so where’s my happy ending cause it’s long overdue
I'm tired of this life constantly burdened by strife
eternally joined to me like husband and wife
i am the alpha omega beginning and the end
as death hand approaches let the second act begin.

the trials and tribulation that we’re facing as a nation got us praying for a savior
cause the end is what we’re facing of a good time, it was a good ride while it lasted,
cannon fodder in the wind is what we are i hope that i last it.

our lives
have led us to this
feeling so simple
mimic me
so why
with feelings like these
do we feel so simple
mimic me

see i ain’t nothing like you but similar in the physical form
but what i brewed up aint ya typical storm
you turned ya back cause ya wanna
i refuse to do the same thang
rather spend my life in the chain gang
turn my back on my daughter
cause of probs wit her momma
what kinda weak man is that no father to keonna
that’s garbage an im finna toss it
cause me not being the is considered a loss
it’s bout to get real hard like brick wall
steel laced driveways
cause no dad should get stalled until they die away
and when they fly away look down see what you raised
so when she look up it won’t be sideways
cause kids nowadays boy they need that guidance
without that they bad and will sneak and lie quick
cause that’s what i did
gave my mom so much stress without a man
i didn’t get my hyde kicked
i should’ve though
thrown in motion put on the spot
forced to be a man without being raised by a pop
but all debatin can stop dawg i does mine
slick as the beat rise of saturn the heat
paul on the drumline....

installed in my brain thoughts of failure
that i get from you
but i will never ever let em come true
i see you
in the mirror
but can’t let cha get to me
it’s no way in hell that i will ever let you mimic me
Track Name: God Hates Fangs
Read my mind and tell me what you see,
Am I by you side?
Am I your destiny?
You are the life blood,
The essence in my veins
Oh Sookie, Sookie now, you’re driving me insane!
I can change my shape, take any form the make
But your love's beyond my reach,
That’s something that the underworld don’t teach.

As the sunrise comes like tentacles
I’m back at your door
Rays of sunlight come like chemicals
I just can’t ignore

You may be older, but I thought I told ya,
I run things up in here, Queen of the Dammed or didn't you hear!
If they find out that we’re selling V,
That will be the end of you and me,
So get your shit together,
And then we’ll live forever.
I'm just like my mom,
Fucked up all day long
What’s a girl like me to do?
Eggs for breakfast, none for you.

As the sunrise comes like tentacles
I’m back at your door
Rays of sunlight come like chemicals
I just can’t ignore
Celebrate our moral ground
As the sunrise comes like tentacles, chemicals...
Track Name: Nah Son!
you, and me
so say the stars it’s meant to be.
my heart is for you
my soul is too.
i pledge my life
one day you’ll be my wife
i swear, this much is true
i don’t want to love no one but you.

hold it, she fell for it.
she thinks i want love.
nah son just hear for fun
sex is the only thing i love
cause I’m that dude

yeah I’m that dude
cause I’m that dude
I’m that dude

well it’s Friday night
and I’m all alone
so i pick up the phone...
hey Tiffany
yeah it’s me
(i know)
i know it’s been a while since i called
(ya i know where you been, i totally missed you)
well my dog died
and i lost my job
(are you serious?)
and I’m out here on the edge
(no baby i’ll be right over there)
so baby please
(yes, what?)
could you come and comfort me?
(i’m on my way)
I’m about to lose my head!
(i’m going to give you head!)

hold it, she feel for it again
she thinks I’m in love.
nah son just here for fun
fucking is the only think i love.
cause I'm that dude
(I’m still on the phone you fucking jerk)
cause I'm that dude
yeah I'm that dude
cause I'm that dude
Track Name: Get Down
rise of saturn
in the motherfuckin’ house!
let it begin

well b boys make some noise stand up and get down
throw your hands up if you got love for your town,
g-ville to jax beach, o-town to st. pete

i flow with the rhyme that makes it burn when you pee
I'm that trashy ass m.c. with o.c.d
an oxymoron in Sean John
pissin’ on your front lawn
smokin’ from an old bong whose l.e. is long gone
the greatest know rapper in all of his-story
not that b r a d but that d a r b
head rapper in charge on an ocean barge
dated Lisa Maggie Marge chim chammy de blargh
a fresh young m.c. who’s hair stay nappy
now dred it up let it hang now you can’t see me
and that’s how it should be
because he hate me
umm? i don’t know I'm Cuban b
well it’s that b r a d l e y g i l m o r e that’s me
don’t ever forget me
cause as you can see
once i was dead now I'm back a rappin’ zombie!

rise of saturn
in the middle of a song!

bbb back from the grave and I'm ready to blaze
a new trail a new tale see i been preppin’ for days
and weeks months years decades straight up millenniums
if you got ears and you can hear why don’t you give me ‘um
one bird in the sky that took another flight
Paul still on the drums and i’m still on the mic
and i rock the mic right with lyrical insight
to bring the darkness to your days and illuminate your nights
and eric’s here too , you know how he do
studied in the deadly arts of dark side of the moon
now add Disqo and Ivan from Soulfound to the mix
now you got your Mohawk Bomb all-star picks.

rise of saturn
at the end of a song
Track Name: And The Truth Will Set You Free
the way that we were
is the way we’ll never be
you broke my heart
you set me free.
now I've been advised
not to trust your lying eyes
but the heart always wants
what the mind must deny

the pain deep inside
needs to subside
but I've got to move on
I've got to be strong
now i know the truth
lies shot through the roof
but I've got to be strong
I've got to move on

you lie lie lie you lie
saying goodbye bye bye good bye

don’t you cry
don’t look away
behind your lies you need to stay
oh, my world?
it’s tucked away
away from your lies
Track Name: Civil War
oh snap! it’s the dungeon master of rap with a plus four attack
just like my homeboy Zapp Brannigan on the hunt again for one-eyed snatch
harsh words but how would Zapp describe it other than that
now it’s a fact that the snack pack taste better than the Big Mac
just ask my boy Stephen he’ll tell you when the world’s gonna crack
and if you don’t know that then you don’t know Jack and Jill went up a hill to
catch a thrill with April O'Neil

it’s a civil war, civil war
what’s in it for me?
from another life, other life
what’s in it for me?

ask Yanni, he’ll tell you i love Phoenix Askani
an X-men and a pornstar iin a red headed body
ladi dodi you know we’re always down to party
but Buffalo Bill where’d you get those dead bodies
Mountain Dew won’t shrink your balls
watching Legends of the Fall
Brad Pitt was the shit as a pikey he could brawl
i’m crawling across the wall
Peter Parker for you all.
Optimus Prime said it best
one shall stand one shall fall!

I’m a nerd dropping knowledge
bringing sucka mc’s to they knees
just like my homie flocules
thick skin till the end
just like Benjamin Grimm
turn to steel crusher creel
x factor to heal
and these glasses on my face mean the end of the line
ruby quartz in the frame i don’t think you’ll survive
compared to mine your life is a bore
I'm chilling with Stan Lee screaming EXCELSIOR!
Track Name: Rock Bottom
i eat the meek up above
high in the sky like a lone dove
looking below at a foe with no where to go but toe to toe
eyes fill with rage
just like Candy rain
while trying to maintain
a sense of the same game

dining from the plate of obscurity
filling the barrel of insecure me
trying the best that i can
but I'm no god just a man if
pricked he will bleed
has basic human needs
which are devoured by his greed
and his need to spread his love seed

feel the flesh on your bones
watch the color change skin tone
will your friends be there at the end
or will they leave you once again
they all ran away
not one would wait and stay
to watch your soul decay
as you drink the pain away

see the world that's long gone
no one left to hear your sad song
was it fate that drove the stake
or was it you that made you late
well fates just a bitch
she dines with the rich
and steals from the poor
no fates just a whore
bring it back

i feel the sun underneath
nothing is left to keep my peace
feeling the strain and trying to
maintain the game inside you but
this is my pain
it feels like acid rain
my flesh starts to burn
but through this i learn

wiping the blood from my brow
wondering if i know how to
be the man i used to be
am i him of is he me see

things can’t get worse
cause i broke from the Hurst
I've crawled from the grave
it’s my life to save

promise of fame comes in a flash
followed by the flows of cash
money changes everyone
but money makes it worth it son

sign on the line
I've put it all behind
it’s my time to free my mind
of the demons deep inside

i am the king of all i see
people shall bow to me cause
i am the hip into the hop
concurring all and won’t stop cause I'm
back on the top
the king of the flock
one king to rule them all
and i shall never fall
bring it back

i eat the meek up above
high in the sky like a lone dove
looking below at a foe
with no where to go but toe to toe
Track Name: Camcorder
we stand,
on the brink of disaster
we’re moving oh so faster.
to the end of the line.
we try to be our own masters
but our heart beats deep inside
and we lose control of the ride.

i feel this love is for real
but i gotta take a chill pill
i feel it down deep below the ground
no one else around and i know that I’ll
feel good, like i knew i would
and I’m gonna be here
i have no fear, I’m drifting so far away.

how can i
look you in your eye
how can we
avoid our destiny
how could you
do the things you do.
and how can i look you in your eye.

you feed me lies
sweet little lies.

we stand on the dawn of destruction
we’re running out of luck son
and it’s time we accept our fate
I’ve climbed, to the top of the highest mountain
I’ve found the youthful fountain
but your love’s beyond my reach.

i feel this pain is for real
and i don’t want to take a chill pill.
i see it down ,there on the ground
every one's around and the know i won’t
feel good, like i hoped i would
and I’m standing here
filled with fear
they’re coming to take me away
Track Name: Last Box of Twinkies on Earth
just wanted a bite, should’ve gone to another venue
now it’s a fight for my life, how’d i end up on the menu?
I’ve got to keep on moving it’s the only way i see
that guys a maniac, why’d he bite me?

en el mundo no hay justicia, no
aqui no existe

it’s been three days since Raccoon city incident
the government is fucking up worse than they ever did
and leave it to man to take the end of the world into his own hands
last of the living , in the land of the dead.

en el mundo no hay justicia, no
aqui no existe

we had it all

as dawn comes rolling in, my story has to end.
my wounds are infected, soon my new life will begin
and as i walk the Earth with hunger of the undead
all i can focus on is those yummy thoughts in your head!

en el mundo no hay justicia, no
aqui no existe

we have it all

will have it all